Nothcote High School

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Visual Arts

At Northcote High School, we are very proud of our Visual Arts program. There has been an increase in student interest of creative computer-based subjects over the past decade and new subjects have been introduced to cater for this growing area. They include: Animation, Multimedia, Electronic Art and Digital Photography.


Our new buildings also provide a Media Centre and design facility for popular subjects such as Media and Visual Communications.


NHS’s  purpose-built Arts Centre provides Photography, Ceramics and Fine Arts facilities for all year levels. And our Dance studio accommodates students wishing to take Dance as an elective.



Since 2006 NHS has showcased all our students’ creative talents (from Fabrics to Multimedia) to the greater Northcote community at the annual Northcote High Art Show.








Where are they now?

Nick Rickard started at Northcote High School in 2004. He had been a student at Westgarth Primary school. He developed a great interest in media studies at school and his media production The Wrong Step, was selected for the VCE Season of Excellence. In 2010 he commenced study at RMIT in Environmental Studies.


Over the years NHS gave me opportunities I never would have thought I would have had, like overseas trips (with Music to the US), interstate student conferences and the productions. I did so much and I don’t think I could have done these anywhere else.