Nothcote High School

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Leadership teams

The development of confident and articulate young Australians is an integral part of NHS’s learning community and our key task is to effectively develop our staff and students’ leadership capacities.

Principal team

The experienced leaders who manage NHS include:

Sue Harrap, Principal

Jocelyn Hill, Assistant Principal

Kevin Hoole, Assistant Principal

Ciar Foster, Assistant Principal 

Katie Archibald, Assistant Principal


Introducing: Sue Harrap

In 2017, after eight years of visionary leadership, Principal Kate Morris resigned from Northcote High School. We are delighted to announce that the Principal from 2018 is Sue Harrap.


With ten years of principal-class experience in different contexts, Sue is a proven leader of innovation in education.  Most recently, Sue has held the role of Assistant Principal at Nossal High School, one of Victoria’s four academically selective entry schools. There she led curriculum, pedagogy, professional learning and staff performance and development.


Grounded in research, her work has focused on transforming learning to emphasise continuous progress rather than static performance. She has led the Nossal school community to be an international award winner for the ubiquitous and powerful use of digital technologies to enhance learning and collaboration. Curriculum innovation to address the forces of globalisation and automation have also been a key part of her leadership.


Sue’s approach to education is informed by her background in a diverse range of environments, from international experience in the Kingdom of Swaziland to training pre-service teachers at Monash University. She is a staunch advocate of government school education, and has a strong focus on teachers knowing all learners through positive and active relationships which enable growth.


About the team


Jocelyn Hill

Jocelyn has been a leader at Northcote High School since the 1990s and worked as the Head of Senior Years for many years, building the reputation of Northcote High School as one of the top tier providers of VCE. Jocelyn is responsible for Operations, Student Services including the Internaitonal Students' Program and the Senior Sub-School. Jocelyn has a background as a Health and Food Technology teacher.


Kevin Hoole

Kevin has been part of the leadership team at Northcote High School since the 1990s and pioneered work for the Department of Education in the use of Information and Communication Technology in schools. Kevin has initiated and led significant projects such as our Navigator School work and the Leading Schools Fund that saw the creation of the Global Citizenship Centre. He is responsible for the Teaching and Learning program, ICT and timetable operations and teaches VCE philosophy. Kevin’s background is in ICT and the Humanities.


Ciar Foster

Ciar came to Northcote High School from Sandringham College where she held a number of leadership roles including Assistant Principal and Sub-School Leader.  She has a Master of School Leadership qualification and experience in the areas of curriculum and program development, transition, student management, communications and community relations. She has an English teaching background, a previous career as a chef and is passionate about developing critical and creative thinkers. Ciar is responsible for the 'Students' portfolio, Communications and the Junior Sub-School.


Staff as leaders

We encourage our teachers to be leaders in their profession and employed as specialists in their fields. They join our team committed to professional innovation and continually push the boundaries in teaching to challenge young minds and encourage creativity. 


Leading teachers

Supporting the Principal team are Leading Teacher Team:

Audra Keane, Head of Junior School (Years 7 and 8)

Josh McDonald, Head of Middle School (Years 9 and 10)

Sarah Green, Head of Senior School (Years 11 and 12)

Prue Morris, Teaching and Learning Leader - Curriculum and Pedagogy

Josh Melican, Teaching and Learning Leader - Curriculum and Pedagogy

Rebekah Keenan Mount, Teaching and Learning Leader - Liberal Arts

Peter Murphy, Teaching and Learning Leader - STEM

Lixia Wang, Director of the International Student Program

Jackie Brogan, Director of Music