Nothcote High School

Let us follow the better path


Performing Arts

Drama and Media Studies are offered as electives throughout the school and are popular VCE options for many of our creative students.


Since 1969 our talented students have enjoyed staging  an annual school production involving several hundred students  performing, working backstage or  playing in the supporting band. For a few crazy years the school did BOTH a production and the Rock Eisteddfod!



A record number of applicants for the cast of  Bring it on! one hot day in February.

Captain Stirrick 2012










And the last 20 years?

1992- School Production - Don't Sneeze Baby

1993 - School Production - Grease

1994 -School Production - The Odyssey

1995 -School Production - Romeo & Juliet

1996 - Rock Eisteddfod - The Beat

          School Production - Arabian Nights

1997 - Rock Eisteddfod - The Rocky Horror Show

          School Production - The Iliad

1998 - Rock Eisteddfod - The Seven Deadly Sins

          School Production - Viva Cinderella

1999 - Rock Eisteddfod - The Folk of the Faraway Tree

          School Production - Wolfstock

2000 - School Production - Anybody's War

2001 - Rock Eisteddfod - The Ancient Oracle

          School Production - Gumshoe

2002 - Rock Eisteddfod- The Big Screen

          School Production - The Little Shop of Horrors

2003 - Rock Eisteddfod - After Hours

          School Production - Cabaret

2004 - Rock Eisteddfod - Mona Lisa - Where Art thou?

2005 - Rock Eisteddfod- The Walrus & the Carpenter

2006 - School Production - A Northside Story

2007 - School Production - Rhyme & Reason

2008 - School Production - North of the Southside

2009 - School Production - Pirates of Penzance

2010 - School Production - A School Cabaret

2011 - School production - Bugsy Malone

2012 - School Production - Captain Stirrick

2013 - School Production - Footloose

2014 - School Production - Urinetown the Musical

2015 - School Production - Anything Goes

2016 - School Production - Bring It On

2017 - School Production - Guys and Dolls


Where are they now?


Rosie Wositsky-Jones started at Northcote High School in 2004 and some of her passions were singing and Drama. After completing VCE at Northcote, she was accepted into University of Ballarat Music Theatre course; her first choice. Her drama solo was shortlisted for VCE Top Acts season for 2010.



James Liotta has consistently performed on stage and TV in Australia since leaving school, often in comedy roles. In 2007 he was the winner of the Premier's Award for Excellence in Multicultural Arts. He also emcees and does voiceovers. James assisted NHS by developing and directing a number of school productions in the early 2000s.




Joanne Redfearn  won a scholarship to the prestigious Lee Strasburg Theatre and Film Institute in New York. She worked extensively in the US and Canada before recently returning to Australia. She has performed in films and the stage show Lockdown for the 2009 Toronto Fringe Festival.






Kristen Condon curated the Melbourne Techikunst Festival in 2005 and 2006. Kristen also starred in the 2010 Australian movie The Beautiful and the Damned and Ricky! The Movie as well as appearing on US and Australian TV. 






Alexander Cappelli is now a successful actor and musician. He played the role of Barry Hollis in the 2005 movie Hating Alison Ashley. He also stars in Little Oberon and Wicked Science and had a regular guest role in Neighbours.