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Camps and tours

Camps and tours are a feature of the school experience for all Northcote High School students.

At Northcote High School we value the learning that comes from challenging yourself in hands-on experiences and new environments. For this reason, we offer a wide range of opportunities to students through our camps and tours program. These include Year Level camps at Years 7-9, a Year 10 Outback tour, residential study camps for Senior and International students and a number of international experiences. The school operates a permanent camp site at Boho in Victoria's north, and also uses a range of other sites around the state. 


Students from Years 8-12 may find themselves in New Calendonia applying their French language skills, in Athens admiring the ancient ruins that they studied in History and Classics classes, in China on the Young Leaders tour, or in New York to explore Art and Design. These are just a selection of the travel experiences on offer for our students.