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Music is an important aspect of life at Northcote High School and all students have the opportunity to participate in the music program as a part of the co-curricular activities we offer with 350 students currently participating.

Our Music program has enjoyed great success over the last 15 years with a number of our music students achieving 40+ study scores. Shown above, Biddlewood performs for Senior Students.


In 2017 our senior music students travelled on the fifth music tour of China. In previous years senior music students participated in highly successful music tours in the US, Malaysia and China. The Concert Band and Stage Band have achieved fine accomplishments  in Victorian and interstate competitions. We believe that our quest for excellence in music performance will not only benefit students musically but socially and academically as well.


NHS offers Instrumental Music for all brass, woodwind and string instruments as well as limited places for percussion and voice. Our program comprises an extensive range of performing groups as well as classroom music studies including both solo and group performance at VCE level.



Our instrumental music groups


  • Four Concert Bands
    Novice (beginners), Junior (1-2 years), Intermediate (3-4 years) and Senior (by audition)
  • Junior Band (beginner / 1st year players)
  • Junior Strings (beginner / 1st year players)
  • Intermediate Band (Developing players)
  • Intermediate Strings (Developing players)
  • Senior Band (Senior Players, entry by audition)
  • Senior Strings (Senior Players, entry by audition)
  • Symphony Orchestra (Senior Players, entry by audition)
  • Choir
  • Junior Stage Band
  • Stage Band
  • Various percussion ensemble, brass ensemble, sax quartet, clarinet and other small groups are operated according to need


We invite you to listen to the NHS Orchestra and Big Band to see how amazing our students are.


Frequently asked questions

How many students study Music at Northcote High School?

Northcote High School has one of the largest school Music programs in the northern metropolitan area, with almost 350 students  studying music.


Can my child study a second instrument?

Yes.  About 60 students currently do so.


Can my child study piano or guitar?

NHS does not offer Guitar or Piano tuition. We encourage students who play these instruments to take the opportunity to learn an additional instrument at school.


Does the school offer VCE Music subjects?

Yes. Interest in VCE Music has grown significantly over the last nine years. We have offered both VCE Music 3&4 in Group and Solo performance. There have been a number of 40+ study scores for Music students.





Friend of Music (Parent Committee)

The Friends of Music is an active parent group whose goal is to assist the Music Department at Northcote High School. Further details are available from Ms Jackie Brogan, Coordinator of Music ph:  9488 2300.