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Uniform Shop


Noone Imagewear are Northcote High School's uniform supplier from March 13 2018. Uniform can be purchased at the on-campus shop, online via or at Noone's retail outlet in East Ivanhoe. Click here for the current pricelist and ordering instructions. 


Normal Trading Hours for the on-campus shop are Tuesday 12.30-4pm and Friday 8.30-11.30am


Uniform in summary 

The NHS uniform is not gender specific. Any item can be worn by any student so long as they are wearing the full winter or summer uniform.
Please also note:

  • All students are expected to wear full school uniform every day.

  • SHOES:  All students in Years 7 to 12 are expected wear black leather school shoes.

  • Hair styles and colour should not be extreme. Only navy blue, purple or white hair ribbons / ties are permitted.

  • Students are expected to be clean shaven.

  • Jewellery should not be obvious or extreme.  

  • Facial piercing is not acceptable.

  • Ear sleepers / studs must be small and unobtrusive.

  • Cosmetics and make-up should not be obvious.

  • Skirts, Shorts and Dresses must not be more than 5 cm above the knee (that is, worn as they are cut by the manufacturer - not rolled-up).

  • All items of uniform must be kept clean and in good condition at all times.Shoes must be cleaned and polished.

  •  All uniform items are to be clearly and permanently labelled

  • Students attending VET courses should be in the Full VET uniform or the Full NHS uniform.

Students not wearing the full school uniform must present a note to their Year Level Program Leader before 9 am requesting a uniform pass (daily). Students not in full school uniform and without a uniform pass will be asked to remove the non-uniform item or go home and return to school in the correct uniform – following a phone call to families.

Download the uniform 'need to know' information (click here).

What’s In

What’s Out


Black leather school shoes for all students



Skate shoes, runners, slipper shoes, boots etc

Summer uniform Terms 1 &4      

Winter uniform Terms 2 & 3

Mix and match of summer and winter uniform items


Dress, Shorts and Skirt length a maximum of 5 cm above knee (that is, worn as they are cut by the manufacturer - not rolled-up)


Items not worn as cut by the manufacturer

Black business socks - no logos or images



Non-approved uniform items e.g. caps, jackets, scarves, hoodies,leggings etc.