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The Northcote High School VCAL allows students to specialise in applied learning areas not offered in the VCE, which are aimed directly at an apprenticeship, work or trade training pathway.

What is VCAL?

The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) is an accredited Senior Secondary Certificate and provides an opportunity for greater application to real-world learning, specialism and personalisation of learning for students in Years 11 and 12.

The VCAL program pursues the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes that help prepare students for employment, post-secondary education or training and for participation in the broader community. The program is personalised for each student so that they are able to make informed vocational choices within the specific industry sector of their choice and/or to facilitate pathways to further learning.

A VCAL program includes:

  • VCAL units
  • VET units

Some students may also include a VCE unit in their program.

A Northcote High School VCAL program must satisfy minimum units:

6 credits at the level attempted
2 VCAL units
1 Literacy unit and 1 Numeracy unit
1 VET unit
1 Work-related Skills unit
1 Personal Development unit

Through its structure, the VCAL certificate enables greater flexibility to match the interests of individual learners. VCAL allows students to pursue rigorous study towards their future goals.

Northcote High School VCAL engages students in practical work-related experience, as well as literacy and numeracy skills and the opportunity to build personal skills that are important for life and work.

The VCAL curriculum is based on outcomes (like VCE), but is assessed by demonstrating competencies (rather than exams). These competencies are assessed through projects and practical applications at school and within industry training.

The VCAL curriculum is available at two levels, Intermediate and Senior. In most cases, it is completed over 2 years (Year 11 and 12). For students who have started VET or VCE studies in Year 10, it may be possible to complete the VCAL certificate in 18 months.

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