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Ex-students’ Association

The Northcote High Ex-students’ Association has around 500 members and warmly welcomes all ex-students and staff to join.

Membership entitles you to access information about Northcote High School, a copy of our annual Ripples magazine, and invitations to the reunion day and other school events.

Past Students Register

The Northcote High School Past Students Register lists the names and details of Northcote High School’s ex-students. The information is from a variety of sources and there may be variations in the details supplied. Information is not provided on all students.

Our past students have excelled in a wide range of fields, including science, the arts, politics, sport and research. See History to learn more about some of our past students’ achievements.

To join the association or to add new information to the register, contact Kate Challis on 9488 2300 or email Kate Challis.

Alumni news

March/April 2020

All face to face functions are postponed due to coronavirus.

Passing of Bill Mudford (Class 1947). It was with much sadness that the Association received the news of Bill’s demise. He passed away in February of this year. Bill was originally self employed in the printing industry and, later, managed Dallas Brooks Hall. He had a great interest and involvement in farming and Landcare. When at school, he played in the School Orchestra, Hockey Team and served the Library Committee. He was a great supporter of the School and Ex-students’ Association and had recently joined the Association’s Interim Management Committee. Until 2004 he annually attended School Assemblies to distribute scholarships to worthy students on behalf of the Association. He attended the annual luncheons of his year group up to 2019. Vale Bill!

Interim Management Committee. The group met with Principal Sue Harrap and key staff in February to consider future directions. It was noted that we need much better systems of communication via electronic and social media processes. The Principal is to meet with Ex-student Omar Hammoud to further consider options. A real estate board outside the School will seek further members and it was decided to continue with the annual luncheon at the St Georges Restaurant at Melbourne Polytechnic. It was good to see Trevor Rowe and Bill Newell at the meeting. The Interim Committee sends all good wishes for health and safety to all ex-students, their families and the present School community.

Reunion lunch of the Class of 1955 was held at the Peacock Hotel on February 11th. The School was represented by Acting Principal Ciar Foster and Kate Challis of the School Administration. The group noted that it was 65 years since they had Matriculated so it was a special occasion. Memories were shared and “catch up” information exchanged. Thanks go to Ken Cunningham for organising the event. The group sent best wishes to Allan Wilcox and his wife Mavis who were unable to attend.

January/February 2020

Passing of the Hon. John Cain.

The Northcote High School community is deeply saddened by the passing in December 2019 of John, former NHS student and Premier of Victoria (1982-1990). We extend sincere sympathy to Mrs. Nancye Cain and family. His father, as Member for Northcote, played a pivotal role in obtaining a high school for Northcote which John Junior attended for four years to 1946. He excelled in debating and served on the Ripples Committee. In these times NHS only taught Mathematics and Science at the senior level. John was forced to leave to pursue humanities. He later obtained a Law degree from Melbourne University. He has maintained a keen interest in the School down the years supporting the establishment of an Arts Centre, the writing of the school history and the building of the John Cain Library. He will be remembered with affection by the Class of ’48 Luncheon group, his classmates. The School has lost a great friend. He certainly lived up to our motto, Meliora Sequamur (Follow the Better things).

The Association Interim Committee will meet with the Principal at the School on February 21st at 10.30 am to discuss the further development of the Ex-students’ Association.

Best wishes are extended to members Bruce Campbell, Head Prefect of 1948 and Bill Mudford, Class of 1948. Both men are facing challenging health issues at present and we hope they will be a little cheered by this message from the old School.

Sad news continues with the recent Passing of James Mollison, AO (Class of 1946). James began his working life as a secondary Art teacher. He moved into the area of gallery work and rose to be Deputy Director of the National Gallery of Victoria and, later, Director of the Australian National Gallery, Canberra from 1977 -1989. He was Art advisor to the Office of the Prime Minister 1969-71. He was a member of Merri House and avid user of the School library. Sincere condolences are extended to his partner and the family. Vale James.

November 2019

The Class of 1948 held its annual luncheon at Old England Hotel, Heidelberg on Wednesday October 30th. It is close to 70 years since this group graduated from the School and how amazing it was to see Frank Phillips arrive in full school uniform (or close to) consisting of shirt, blazer, grey trousers, ribbons and badges. He added to this his badge of the Order of Australia and his blazer pocket proudly displayed the crossed hockey sticks of his school day sporting activity. The group sadly reflected on the recent passing of one of its class mates and regular attendee, Malcolm Wood. The Association extends deepest sympathy to Malcolm’s family. A fine meal was enjoyed by all including Kate Challis from the School, representing the Principal. It was an impressive moment when Frank proposed a toast to the School and spoke of how much he felt the School had given to him and his class mates in fine education, sporting opportunities, sense of citizenship and lasting friendships. The School extends hearty congratulations to this group who are now the wise sages of the School’s past. One in this group started at the School in1939! Meliora Sequamur

Class of 1978 Reunion Dinner. Dino Cellini is organizing an annual dinner for the Class of 1978 following their successful reunion back at the School last year. A hotel meal is proposed for Thursday November 21st and members of the Class of 1978 are invited to contact Dino at for further details.

September 2019

Passing of Hector Gallagher. It is with great sadness that the Ex-students’ Association records the passing of Hector Gallagher (Class of 1941). Hector attended Northcote High School with his brother Noel in the late 1930s and early 1940s. He completed Leaving Certificate (Year 11).  His first employment was with the Victorian Railways and this was followed by service in the RAAF as a navigator-wireless operator during WWII. After the war he trained as a primary school teacher and later completed degrees in Commerce and Education, the former degree under the Commonwealth Reconstruction and Training Scheme and he taught for the Education Department from 1946 to 1965. He then became a member of the Board of Inspectors 1967-74 and, ultimately, Assistant Director of Secondary Education 1974-85. He lectured at Monash University in the Faculty of Education 1965-6 and at Rusden State College. He authored several books including being a member of the team of four who wrote the history of Northcote High School. His razor sharp memory of people and events long ago was of great help in the writing of the history. His calm, professional and objective approach was much appreciated by the writing team. His knowledge of the Education Department, of personnel and events was encyclopaedic.  He was a dedicated and active member of the Northcote High School Ex-Students’ Association and he will be much missed by his friends at NHS. Publications: We Got a Fair Go-A History of CRTS 1945-1952.Landforms-An Introduction to Australian Geomorphology. The Green, the Purple and the Gold – A history of Northcote High School. We extend sincere condolences to Hec’s family. VALE Hec.

Graham Campbell. James Oliver has pointed out that Graham Campbell attended NHS around the early 1950s. It is very helpful to have information about ex-students and past events brought to the attention of the School so that we can continue to complete the story. Many thanks go to James!  Graham was an Australian Rules footballer who played 151 games for Fitzroy Football Club (1956-64) having previously played for the Northcote Stars. He was Fitzroy Club Champion in 1957 winning the Mitchell Medal. He was a handy and consistent goal kicker as rover and half-forward. He played in the 1960 VFL Preliminary Final and he coached Fitzroy in 1974 and 1978.  He also coached West Perth 1975-77 winning the WAFL premiership in 1975 and coached Glenelg 1983-84. Graham remained in Adelaide as an analyst after retirement from active football, putting his vast football knowledge to good use as a television football commentator. Well done Graham!

August 2019

Back to Day August 8th saw a valiant band of ex-students face the weather forecast and assemble in the old Olver Assembly Hall for a very fine morning tea provided by the School (including the famed sausage rolls and scones and jam and cream).  The conversations were soon flowing to be followed by informative addresses by Principal Sue Harrap and the School Captains. A fine jazz music performance was enjoyed. Tours of the School, including the new Arts Building, followed as attendees gasped at the present extent of School buildings and complex of courtyards stretching out to what was remembered as the park. One ex-student had come all the way from the USA and another from Canberra. We were very pleased to have them join us.

The Ex-student Association sincerely thanks Principal Sue Harrap, Assistant Principal Jocelyn Hill and Executive Assistant Kate Challis for planning and organising the event.

Special Notice

Wales Street Primary School teacher of 1969, Ms Jan Thomas,  is organising a reunion of her Grade 3/4 Class for July 21st 2019. If interested contact her on

June 2019

It is pleasing to note that we now have an interim Committee for the NHS Ex-student Association.

President:                 Con Dinopoulos 1977

Vice President:        Dino Cellini 1978

Committee:              Trevor Rowe MBE 1930s

 Bill Mudford 1940s

 Andy Treadwell, Ken Cunningham, Bill Newell, Allan Wilcox 1955

 John Gowans 1959

 Jim Corbaleski 1989

Omar Hammoud 1992

Clare Gleghorn 1999

Riste Avramoski 2002.

Other interested ex-students should contact Kate Challis at the School

May 2019

Back to day 2019. This year the school is planning to invite members of the NHS Ex-Student Association to return to the School for morning tea in early August. The School has been waiting for the opening of the new building which houses the superb new Music facilities and will provide a tour for attendees to the morning tea. The mail out is being organised at present so please make a diary entry when the letter arrives.

NHS Ex-Student Association Interim Committee. It is time to formalize the Association by forming an Interim Committee of Management and the School calls for volunteers willing to help form such a committee to provide advice on alumni affairs and to help to promote membership growth. The demands are not expected to be too great as Gary Israel will continue as liaison officer helped along by Kate Challis from the School office. If interested or wanting further information contact Kate at

Bi-monthly lunch Class of 1959 will be held on June 4th 2019 at Il Gambero, Lygon Street, Carlton. Contact John Gowans

Turn Up for the Archives – recent acquisitions include the Speech Night Programs for 1944 and 1945 not previously held by the School. Allen White is thanked for these as they provide valuable details about the School in these years.

Ex-student Profile, John Seebeck, Class of 1956. John held the degree of Master of Science from Melbourne University, although, initially, he did not complete his degree and left for employment. Later he joined the Fisheries and Wildlife Department where his developing interest in Victorian/Australian wildlife saw him return to Melbourne Uni to study Zoology. He became a leading expert and researcher in understanding rare mammals. He was made a Fellow of the Australian Mammal Society as well as leading research into the Leadbeater Possum and the Eastern Barred Bandicoot. He was Manager of the Long Footed Potaroo Recovery Team. He has published numerous scholarly works and publications and is highly regarded in wildlife circles for his research and leadership in understanding and protecting rare wildlife. At School he was a keen hockey player. John certainly lived up to our motto, Meliora Sequamur!

March 2019

The Annual Reunion Class of 1955 will be held on Wednesday March 6th 2019 at 12.30pm at the Peacock Hotel High Street Northcote. Contact Ken Cunningham for information on

Passing of Alumni. Sadly there have been several deaths lately which the Association records with regret:

Sir William Cole passed away on January 8th at 92 years of age. He attended NHS from 1934-1940. He served in the RAAF during WWII and later graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce First Honours from University of Melbourne. He became a Federal public servant of several Departments – Supply, International Monetary Fund in Washington, Bureau of Transport Economics, and, later, Finance. From 1978 to 1983 Sir William was Chairman of the Public Service Board. He was knighted by the Queen for his services to the nation.  The Association extends its deepest sympathy to Lady Cole and family.

Michael Cuthbert passed away in January after a long illness. He joined the staff in 1988 as a teacher of woodwork/ technology studies and art. For many years he served as a level coordinator of students in junior years and was highly regarded for his fairness in his dealings with the pupils and support of staff. Our sincere condolences are extended to his wife and family.

George Zafiropoulos completed his service as Head of School cleaning until 2002 having joined the cleaning staff in the late 1970s. He passed away in February of this year. George was a most reliable and hard working staff member who took great pride in his work. The superb surface of the Gymnasium floor was a tribute to his skills and watchful eye. The fine state of school facilities was very much due to his dedication. Condolences are extended to his wife Maria, son John and the family.

Victor Tsilemanis Class of 1960 passed away recently. He was a keen member of the School Football team and won the Football School Prize. He later played for Fitzroy Thirds and was turf keeper for Fitzroy Cricket Club. Vale Victor and sincere sympathy is extended to Victor’s family,

Meliora Sequamur

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