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Northcote High School equips young people to realise and enhance their talents. We know that learning is for us all. We are a community whose positive relationships allow us to challenge ourselves and each other. The paths we each follow will take us out into the world, changed and confident.


At Northcote High School, we value and enact:


We challenge ourselves. We are passionate about and take responsibility for our learning.


We are curious. We are open to new ideas and ways of thinking.


We learn in and with our community. We are generous and strive for justice in the world.


We are open and honest. We treat each other with respect.

How our students and teachers live our values

Values As a student … As a teacher …
  • I collaborate and learn from others through feedback
  • I engage in tasks positively and can direct my own learning
  • I come to class on time, organised and ready to learn
  • I persist to achieve my learning goals
  • I believe that all students can learn and should be challenged
  • I connect learning to student interests, experiences and strengths
  • I provide clear learning intentions for every lesson and opportunity to review and reflect
  • I use data to reflect, plan and understand my students
  • I ask questions and remain open to new learning
  • I reflect on my learning to seek development
  • I challenge my existing idea
  • I am open to innovation and integrating new ideas
  • I promote creative and imaginative solutions to problems
  • I encourage students to ask questions and develop new ideas
  • I plan learning that provides opportunities for student choice and independent learning
  • I embrace diversity in my community and connect with others
  • I take appropriate action when I see someone in need
  • I demonstrate leadership and act as a role model for others
  • I care for our classrooms and common spaces
  • I learn with my colleagues and students, embracing opportunities to collaborate with others
  • I am accepting of others and celebrate diversity in our community
  • I take responsibility for implementing shared understandings, for example, implementing school rules consistently
  • I demonstrate leadership and create a caring learning environment for students and peers
  • I listen to others and communicate my ideas respectfully
  • I recognise the work of others and encourage them in their learning
  • I build positive relationships with students, colleagues and families
  • I share knowledge and resources with others
  • I am consistent and fair, treating everyone with dignity and respect
  • I connect feedback to data and provide direction on how to improve

Our motto

The school motto originates from Virgil’s The Aeneid, Book III, Verse 188: ‘Let us submit to Apollo and, having been advised, let us follow the better course of action – Meliora Sequamur’. For Virgil, the tale is a nationalistic epic linking Rome to the legends of Troy. In the 21st century it still represents sound advice to ‘follow the better path’.

Strategic Plan 2015–2018

Annual Report 2016–2017

Annual Report 2017–2018

Annual Implementation Plan 2018 - summary

For more information on school policy requirements, see Department of Education and Training.