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Proud Northcote High School alumni

Northcote High School has built a rich tradition of academic excellence, innovative teaching and learning, quality facilities and caring student support. We are proud of our students’ accomplishments and achievements over the last 90 years. For a list of our notable past students, see Alumni.

Notable international student alumni

To carry on our school’s proud tradition, our young international students continue to work hard and strive to be their best to create a new chapter in their life journey after high school.

Kiarash Nikoo – 2018

Tehran, Iran

VCE subjects: Chemistry; English (EAL); Specialist Maths; Mathematical Methods; Physics

ATAR score: 99.20

Kiarash’s outstanding ATAR score was 99.20. He was the prestigious school Dux in 2018. His excellent academic ability and total commitment was highly acknowledged by all his teachers and peers, and this also gained him an Academic Excellence Commendation Award in the Victoria Global Education Awards. Kiarash was also the founder of the Enigma maths club and a key member in the debating team. Kiarash’s music talent saw him playing violin in many major school events.

Kiarash is currently studying Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne.

Wendan Xiao – 2018

Guangzhou, China

VCE subjects: Chemistry; English (EAL); Specialist Maths; Mathematical Methods; Accounting

ATAR score: 97.7

Wendan is a highly motivated student who made a great contribution to the school through music performance, student leadership and academic achievement. Her dedication to her studies has resulted in an excellent ATAR of 97.7 which gained her a place at the University of Melbourne in a Bachelor of Bio-Medical Science.

Ying Ni – 2018

Shanghai, China

VCE Subject Studied: Chemistry; EAL; Further Maths; Maths Methods; Physics

ATAR Score: 97.1

Ying demonstrated a great commitment to study during her VCE years at Northcote High School. Her academic achievement across all subjects was highly recognized. Ying was the subject Dux in Specialist math. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Radiography at Monash University.

International student alumni spotlight

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