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Developing global citizens

We understand that our students need to be equipped to engage and prosper in a global society and economy. They need to understand and be prepared to take responsibility as global citizens.

In order to achieve this, a fundamental part of learning and teaching at Northcote High School focuses on our students developing the knowledge, skills and attributes required for a globalised world.

We provide:

  • international perspectives embedded across a range of subjects
  • a strong focus on languages
  • a strong focus on contemporary skills (including critical thinking and problem solving, creativity, collaboration and communication)
  • a deep appreciation of our connectedness to other nations and an understanding of their people and cultures.

Every year, our students have the opportunity to participate in a range of exciting and educational overseas study tours, trips and exchange programs.

Our international history

In the 1930s, Northcote High School corresponded with other schools around the world, including the Staszic High School in Lublin, Poland.

We were also one of the first schools to accept students under the Colombo Plan after the Second World War. Students from Singapore, Malaysia and other countries came to our school to study English

In the 1990s, we became one of the first schools to accept international students in senior years. We also signed a sister school agreement with Huaibei No. 1 High School. This is now one of the longest running sister school relationships between a Victorian and Chinese school.

We signed a second agreement in 2016 with a newly established school, the Tianjin Binhai Foreign Languages School. In 2017, we became the first Australian government school to offer the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) to students in China.

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