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How to enrol

Government school student

Return your completed Application for Year 7 Placement form (included in the Parent Transition Pack) to your primary school in May. Your primary school then sends the form to your first-preference high school.

You will be notified of your placement by your primary school in August, and can either accept or appeal the placement.

Non-government school student

If your child is attending a Catholic or independent primary school, you need to apply directly to Northcote High School.

The process follows the same timeline as government schools.

How to enrol (non-government school student)

  1. Download and complete the Year 7 enrolment application form, contained within the transition information pack.
  2. Submission via email is preferred at this time Or mail to Enrolments Officer, Northcote High School, 19–25 St Georges Road, Northcote VIC 3070.
  3. We will notify you in August and you can either accept the placement or appeal the decision.

Enrol on curriculum grounds

If you live outside the Northcote High School zone, you can apply to enrol your child on specific curriculum grounds.

To apply, submit the Curriculum Claim application for Yr 7 2022 and any supporting documentation with your enrolment application form (both government and non-government school applications).

It is important to note that places are only available if there is space after all local students and siblings have been accommodated. For more information, see our enrolment policy.

Mid-year enrolment

If you are looking to enrol your child in Year 7 after the school year has commenced, follow the process for enrolling in Years 8–12.

Applications are considered in June and November and follow our enrolment policy.

The only guarantee for enrolment at Northcote High School is if the student’s permanent residence is within our designated neighbourhood boundary. We process all enrolment applications following the Department of Education and Training (DET) placement policy. See our enrolment policy for more information.

If you have any questions about enrolling in Year 7, contact our Enrolments Officer on 9488 2395 or email

For more information about enrolling in secondary school in Victoria, visit Department of Education and Training.

Curriculum Claim Form

Non-Government Transition Information Pack

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