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Curriculum Contributions

Working closely with our school leadership team, the Finance Committee sets recommended parent payments to allow us to deliver essential education resources, services and activities.

All students in Year 7-12 are requested to pay a ‘Common Program’ charge. This charge is the same for all students in that year level.

The 2022 Curriculum Contributions for the Common Program payment is:

  • $630 for students in Year 7
  • $630 for students in Year 8
  • $625 for students in Year 9
  • $505 for students in Year 10
  • $315 for students in Year 11
  • $330 for students in Year 12

Students in Years 9-12 are also requested to pay a ‘Variable Program’ charge. This charge is different for each student and is based on individual student’s course selections and is charged under the Extra Curricular Items and Activities category.

For more information and explanation of school charges please email

Extra-Curricular Items & Activities

Our students enjoy an extensive range of programs and services beyond those solely funded by the government. A key factor in our success and the quality of our academic and co-curricular programs is the financial support of families.

At NHS extra-curricular items and activities include:

  • The ‘Variable Program’ which is specific to the courses each Year 9-12 student undertakes
  • VET program material fees, Instrumental Music tuition and ensemble program, Debating program, Sports and Volleyball programs, Outdoor Ed and Duke of Ed programs
  • Camps and tours, some excursions and incursions

These programs or activities are provided in addition to the standard curriculum program, and are offered to all students. Extra-curricular items and activities are provided on a user-pays basis.

For more information please email

Other Contributions & Donations – Thrive Fund

These are non-curriculum items and services that parents and guardians are encouraged to:

  1. Contribute to the essential services and resources the school provides that are not funded by the government
  2. Make a donation to the school, to any of the Northcote Thrive Funds

Contributions and donations in addition to the Curriculum Contribution payment allow us to:

  • Provide access to essential services like a first aid skilled officer, secure locker facilities for each student and 24/7 online access to curriculum and learning materials and assessment, feedback and reporting
  • Fund innovative programs (Innovate Fund)
  • Improve school spaces and resources (Build/Inspire Funds) and;
  • Provide our students, including those in need, with opportunities that would not otherwise be possible (Empower Fund)

Northcote Thrive Fund

In 2017, we established the Northcote Thrive Fund for our community to make voluntary financial contributions. We are the first school in Australia to be granted tax-deductible status for donations that allow us to:

  • improve and upgrade school spaces
  • purchase library resources
  • fund clubs and activities
  • purchase essential items, such as uniforms, books and travel cards, for students in need.

The fund consists of four voluntary financial contribution payments, three of which are tax-deductible. We recommend families donate $450 per student or $700 per family.

Payment support

We are committed to providing a fair, accessible and equitable payment system and have a Parent Payment Policy in line with the Department of Education and Training (DET) guidelines. We offer a range of payment arrangements and financial support options to make life easier.

Families with a health care card are eligible for subsidy through the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) and may be able to access other community and government assistance funds for items such as books and uniform. For more information on grants from our Thrive Empower fund, for students facing financial hardship, please see the Wellbeing and Support page.


Families are welcome to contact Sarah Burns on 9488 2325 or via email, to discuss payment options, or Leanne Petroff on 9488 2388 or via email, to discuss applications to the Northcote Thrive (Empower) Fund for students in need.

To view DET’s policy regarding payments at government schools, see Parent Payments.

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