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We have a proud tradition and strength for supporting our International Student Program. It is highly regarded for its leadership and visionary contribution to international education.

Student selection process

Our student selection process ensures that quality students have the opportunity to experience an excellent education that will assist them to gain entry to their preferred tertiary pathways.

Prospective applicants are expected to show excellent academic strength, good English language skills and other personal merits when applying for entry to Northcote High School. To be considered for enrolment, applicants need to demonstrate:

  • 80+ academic report
  • IELTS 5.5+ (to be exempt from the 20-week intensive English course).

Selected applicants must also:

  • respond orally via a video recording to a series of questions (sent via email)
  • complete an essay-writing task.

Applicants need to send the video recording and essay to us for assessment. We review responses and then conduct a Skype interview with selected applicants. We then make a final decision and inform the applicant or their agent.

How to apply

We welcome enrolment inquiries from all international communities.

To apply as an international student at Northcote High School, you need to apply through the International Education Division, DET, Victoria.

We recommend families contact us directly or contact an agent accredited with the Department of Education and training (DET).

Information related to international student application, school fees and relevant forms can be downloaded from Department of Education and Training website , or you can apply online.

Alternatively, you can contact the International Education Division on email

Contact our office

For more information about international students at Northcote High School, contact:

Pre-departure kit for prospective international students

Welcome to Northcote High School

International students visa conditions (Chinese)

International students visa conditions (Vietnamese)

International students visa conditions (English)

Departure Guide (English)

Departure Guide (Chinese)

International students emergency contacts

Policies and guidelines

Under the Department of Education and Training’s Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) guidelines, Northcote High School has developed the required policies to govern its actions to ensure the school provides quality education to its school community.

These policies support the organisation, processes and procedures of our International Student Program. These policies include:

International Student Accommodation Policy

International Student Enrolment Guideline

Complaints (Parent) Policy

Critical Incident Policy

Child Safe Policy

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