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New uniform

In 2019, a new uniform was introduced. All Year 7s are required to wear the new uniform only, with a phase-in period for older students. The phase-in timeline is as follows:

Year  Year levels required to wear the new uniform*
2022 All Year 7s; 8s; 9s and 10s
2023 All students Year 7-12

*Students in other year levels may wear some or all items of the new uniform before the required date

Items from the uniform

The uniform is gender neutral. All items of the Academic uniform may be worn year-round. Students may select the combination of items in the Academic uniform which best suits their needs.The Academic uniform is the standard school uniform and is expected to be worn each day. The Sport uniform is to be worn for practical Sport and Physical Education classes. In most cases, students will change in to / out of their Sport uniform during the day.

See Uniform Expectations for more information.


New uniform Old uniform
Academic uniform

(Summer and Winter)

Soft shell jacket*
Shirt short sleeve (tailored or straight cut)*
Shirt long sleeve (tailored or straight cut)*
Shorts (loose or tailored cut)
Trousers (loose or tailored cut)
Puffer vest*
Broad brim hat
Grey cotton undershirt (to be worn under the shirt only)
Black tights
Black socks
Grey trousers or shorts*
Purple long or short-sleeved shirt*
Navy jumper*
Spray jacket*
Black leather shoes
Black business socks
School tie (optional)
Scarf (optional)
Northcote striped dress
Northcote grey checked skirt
White long-sleeved shirt*
Black tights
Sport uniform

(Summer and Winter)


PE top short sleeve*
PE top long sleeve*
Sport shorts*
Tracksuit pants*
Sport socks
Sport cap*
Purple polo shirt*
Navy blue shorts*
Navy track pants*
White socks
Training shoes
Hat* (navy bucket style, beanie or cap)
Sports bag (supplied by the school)

* Official item displaying the school crest

Incorrect uniform

Non-official clothing items are not permitted, including caps, hoodies, sweatshirts, visible T-shirts, scarves, jackets or leggings.

If there is a legitimate reason that a student is out of uniform, they should bring a note from their parent/guardian and obtain a Uniform Pass from their Sub-School before Period 1.

Students out of uniform will be asked to remove the non-uniform item wherever practicable, and may be provided with a substitute loan item for the day.

Consequences such as Community Service may apply for students out of uniform without a Uniform Pass.

General appearance

All items of uniform are to be worn clean and in good condition at all times.

Hair, jewellery and make-up
  • Hairstyles and colour, hair accessories, jewellery, facial piercings, ear sleepers / studs, cosmetics/make-up should be neat and meet relevant class safety
Dress length
  • Skirts, shorts and dresses should be of an appropriate length to allow for daily activities to be undertaken without restriction
  • The old-style summer dress (white and purple stripes) may not be worn with the black tights
  • All uniform items must be clearly and permanently labelled with the student’s name
  • Long-sleeved t-shirts or spencers may not be worn under the dress or short-sleeved shirts
  • Shirts must be worn buttoned up
  • The grey undershirt must not be worn as the outer garment
  • Black, leather (or polishable substitute), ‘business style’ school shoes are to be worn with the Academic uniform. For safety, lace up shoes are recommended. Runners and skate shoes are not permitted.
School backpack
  • Use of the school backpack is strongly encouraged
School hat or cap
  • Wearing of the school hat or cap when outdoors is strongly encouraged

Secondhand uniform shop

Secondhand uniform items are also available online from our Sustainable School Shop. Registration is free.

To buy or sell items, visit Sustainable School Shop. Please note that, due to uniform changeover, in 2019 it is likely that limited new uniform will be available. Old uniform may be worn by students in Years 10-12 until 2022, at which stage all students must wear the new uniform.

Uniform Shop

Our Uniform Shop stocks all the official uniform items and is open during the term.

To make a personal fitting appointment outside normal trading hours, call 8373 0706 or email

School term trading hours

Tuesday 12.30–4pm
Friday  8.30–11.30am

Our uniform is also available from Noone Imagewear at 283 Lower Heidelberg Road, East Ivanhoe. You can also shop online and then pick up the items in store or have them delivered to your home.

Shop online – Noone Imagewear

New uniform - images

Noone Imagewear uniform price list

Uniform expectations

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