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Principal Team

Acting Principal Chris Jones Term 4 2021
Assistant Principals Katie Archibald
Kerren Diamond
Allira Scott


Sue Harrap

With 10 years’ principal-class experience in different contexts, Sue is a proven leader of innovation in education. Most recently, Sue was the Assistant Principal at Nossal High School, one of Victoria’s four academically selective secondary schools. There, she led curriculum, pedagogy, professional learning and staff performance and development.

Grounded in research, her work has focused on transforming learning to emphasise continuous progress rather than static performance. She has led the Nossal school community to be an international award winner for the ubiquitous and powerful use of digital technologies to enhance learning and collaboration. Curriculum innovation to address the forces of globalisation and automation have also been a key part of her leadership.

Sue’s approach to education is informed by her background in a diverse range of environments, from international experience in the Kingdom of Swaziland to training pre-service teachers at Monash University. She is a staunch advocate of government school education, and has a strong focus on teachers knowing all learners through positive and active relationships that enable growth.

Katie Archibald

Katie has been the Head of Student Services for 6 years and has a Masters in School Leadership. She has led Student Wellbeing engagement programs and coordination for 15 years and is passionate about working with students and families to develop positive experiences in school. Katie has lead the Respectful Relationships initiative at Northcote High School as well as a number of student wellbeing, careers and pathway events. Katie is responsible for the Students portfolio, encompassing the sub-school systems, Student Services and enrolments and Communications.

Kerren Diamond

Kerren was a Leading Teacher at Northcote High School for five years before going on family leave in 2016. During that time, she worked for Teach for Australia where she enhanced beginning teacher support for new teachers in schools experiencing educational disadvantage. She has a Masters in School Leadership and experience in curriculum and instructional improvement. Kerren is responsible for Professional Learning and Staff Induction.

Allira Scott

Allira was a Leading Teacher at Virtual School Victoria and Head of Senior School at Northcote High School prior to becoming an Assistant Principal. She has leadership experience from Foundation to Year 12 and has worked extensively in student management and student support roles. Working in different educational settings has provided Allira with insight and perspective of different students, families and their individual needs and she is incredibly passionate about advocating for young people. Allira is responsible for Operations and supports the Senior Sub School.

Leadership Team

Sub-school Leaders

Head of Junior School Audra Keane
Head of Middle School Jerome Holleman
Head of Senior School Jane Lange

Year Level Program Leaders

Year 7 Tess Legge
Adam Scanlon
Year 8 Jessica Kruske
Aurelie Charenton
Year 9 Megan Young
Jonathan Hoon
Year 10 Cathy Lester
Josh Melican
Year 11 Luke Barrett
Paul Micah Sullivan
Year 12 Courtney Lever
Adam Coxsell

Teaching and Learning Leaders

Curriculum & Pedagogy Liz Lenthall
Prue Morris
Data Project Kevin Hoole
Digital Practice Tennille Seary
Global Education Jocelyn Hill
Performing Arts Jackie Brogan
Student Services Leanne Petroff
Science Lorena Pellone-Gismondi
Maths Kirsty Phillips
English Rebekah Keenan Mount
Humanities David Adam
LOTE Pierrick Hubert
Performing Arts Cindy Frost
Visual Arts Jerome Rush
Technology (Design) Sarah Grinzi
Technology (Food) Lorraine Lockhart
VCAL Liz Brown
PE/Health Megan Young

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