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Principal Team

Principal Chris Jones
Assistant Principals Kerren Diamond
Allira Scott
Jane Lange
Fabiano Nigro


Chris Jones

Chris has worked in State Education for over 30 years and has worked in urban schools with a similarly high level of achievement and demographic to Northcote. Chris has been the Acting Principal at Northcote during Semester 2 2021 and an Assistant Principal for the preceding 5 years. Previous to that he was a Leading Teacher for 8 years in the areas of Student management, teacher development and ICT. Chris believes in creating opportunities for students to engage with their learning and participate in extra-curricular activities. Chris is responsible for the strategic resourcing of the school, building projects and School Council.

Kerren Diamond

Kerren was a Leading Teacher at Northcote High School for five years before going on family leave in 2016. During that time, she worked for Teach for Australia where she enhanced beginning teacher support for new teachers in schools experiencing educational disadvantage. She has a Masters in School Leadership and experience in curriculum and instructional improvement. Kerren is responsible for Professional Learning and Staff Induction.

Allira Scott

Allira was a Leading Teacher at Virtual School Victoria and Head of Senior School at Northcote High School prior to becoming an Assistant Principal. She has leadership experience from Foundation to Year 12 and has worked extensively in student management and student support roles. Working in different educational settings has provided Allira with insight and perspective of different students, families and their individual needs and she is incredibly passionate about advocating for young people. Allira is responsible for Student management and supports the Junior Sub School.

Jane Lange

Jane was a Leading Teacher – Head of Senior School at Northcote High School prior to becoming an Assistant Principal.  She has extensive leadership experience in student management, having held positions of leadership in this area across 10 years. Jane has also worked in the student wellbeing support area during her time at Northcote.  Jane’s experience aligns with her strong commitment to fostering positive relationships between staff, students, families and the broader community.  Jane is responsible for Operations and supporting the Senior Sub-School.

Fabiano Nigro

Fabiano was a Learning Specialist at Epping Secondary College prior to becoming an acting Assistant Principal at Northcote High School. He has leadership experience in student management and whole school curriculum and operations. Fabiano’s work across a number of schools allows him to bring a breadth of experience to the Assistant Principal role and the classroom. His areas of teaching are English, Italian, Food Technology and Humanities. Fabiano is responsible for the physical environment of the school and supports the Student Services Team at Northcote High School.


Leadership Team

Sub-school Leaders

Head of Junior School Audra Keane
Head of Middle School Jerome Holleman and Cathy Lester
Head of Senior School Paul Micah Sullivan

Year Level Program Leaders

Year 7 Salome Broch
Fraser Martin
Year 8 Will Medcalf
Kurt Strachan
Year 9 Pam Newton-Brown
Dominic Huntley
Year 10 Cathy Lester
Josh Melican
Year 11 Joanna Gerantidis
Peta Sirec
Year 12 Adam Coxsell
Chris McKay

Teaching and Learning Leaders

Curriculum & Pedagogy Liz Lenthall
Adam Scanlon
Data Project Kevin Hoole
Digital Practice Johanna Santarossa
Global Education Jocelyn Hill
Performing Arts Jackie Brogan
Student Services Leanne Petroff
Science Grant Tucker
Maths Kirsty Phillips
English Elliott Wall
Humanities Kevin Hoole
Languages Pierrick Hubert
Performing Arts Cindy Frost
Visual Arts Christine Martin
Technology (Design) Sarah Grinzi
Technology (Food) Lorraine Lockhart
VCE Vocational Major Liz Brown
PE/Health Rachel Malcolm

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