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Entry in Year 7

All prospective Year 7 students are welcome to apply for our ACE program.

As well as submitting an application form, students sit the general aptitude HAST (Higher Ability Student Test) test at the school. This test is externally corrected and a non-refundable cost of around $80 applies to each applicant.

Students must achieve at high stanine 6 or above in the HAST to be accepted.

While NAPLAN results are considered, entry to the ACE program is primarily based on the HAST test, and our decision is final.

Places in the ACE program are offered to applicants following the same priority order as all enrolments to Northcote High School. See our enrolment policy for more information.

Students must apply for Northcote High School as their first choice of school when enrolling in Year 7 to be accepted into the program.

Testing results from other school programs are not considered in the ACE selection process.

Entry in Year 8

Occasionally places become available in the ACE program for the start of Year 8. If this is the case, notification of the opportunity to apply, and details of the process, are communicated to Year 7 parents and students towards the end of the year.

HAST test

We use the three ACER test paper option, which consists of:

  • Reading Comprehension (multiple choice)
  • Written Expression (written response)
  • Maths Reasoning (multiple choice).

It is not uncommon for students who have limited experience with testing to find the HAST test challenging. Sample tests for practice are available from ACER. For information and advice about the HAST testing process, visit ACER.

How to apply

To apply for the ACE Program:

  1. Download and complete the ACE application form.
  2. Include with your application:
    • a copy of the student’s Grade 5 reports
    • fee payment details.
  3. Submit your application and payment via email or by mail, or in person via the mailbox on the wall at the front of the school.

Interstate or international students

Students who live interstate or overseas can sit the HAST test, however there are significant costs to send the test by a secure courier and for a qualified education practitioner to supervise the test.

To request to sit the test in another location email with:

  • your child’s name
  • location for testing
  • email address for the registered education practitioner (qualified to administer an entrance test)
  • any other relevant details.

ACER charges an additional cost for administration, handling fee, correspondence and secure courier delivery to the supervisor.

If the completed test is received after the due date, there are additional costs.

Test advice

Application form for ACE program 2022

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