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Entry in Year 7

Enrolled Year 7 students are welcome to apply for our ACE program.

While NAPLAN results are considered, entry to the ACE program is primarily based on the Educational Assessment data from the Year 7 placement test, and our decision is final. Testing results from other school programs are not considered in the ACE selection process.

Process for ACE applications

After Year 7 placements have been offered and confirmed:

  1. All enrolled students are contacted about how to register their interest in consideration in the ACE Program
  2. Students must sit the Educational Assessment placement test at Northcote High School to be considered for the ACE program. The Educational Assessment testing dates are normally in September and October and will be available on this page when confirmed.
  3. The school then review applications and the Educational Assessment data to determine students for the ACE program. Places in ACE classes are offered in December prior to Year 7 Orientation

Educational Assessment

The Educational Assessment is the Year 7 placement test conducted in person and assesses:

  • General, verbal and non verbal reasoning
  • Mathematics include number, measurement, space and geometry, data, patterns and algebra
  • Reading skills
  • Written expression

The purpose of this assessment is help us develop a personalised skill profile for all students entering Year 7. Understanding student learning data allows us to plan for differentiated instruction to ensure that every student in the classroom has an appropriately challenging and stimulating learning environment that reflects their particular needs.

The assessment is made up of multiple-choice sections and written components. More information is provided to families in the lead up to the assessment. We work with Academic Assessment in conducting these tests, their information can be found at:

Entry in Year 8

Occasionally places become available in the ACE program for the start of Year 8. If this is the case, notification of the opportunity to apply, and details of the process, are communicated to Year 7 parents and students towards the end of the year.

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