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Assessment at Northcote High School is designed to:

  • provide students with feedback about their work
  • assist students to set learning goals and to monitor their own progress
  • evaluate and report on progress against state‐wide‐achievement standards
  • guide teachers in adapting curriculum and instructional approaches to students’ needs.

For details about the assessment at each year level, see Curriculum.

Reporting and feedback

We believe that quality two-way feedback is one of the most powerful tools for learning. Our continuous reporting system provides clear, real-time information to families about how their child is doing at school.

Timely feedback from teachers gives students the the opportunity to use it to improve their performance and develop as independent and autonomous learners.

Feedback from students on their learning and progress is also regularly sought through a variety of methods including formative assessment.

Feedback on assessment tasks

Teachers provide ongoing feedback on student assessment tasks in Teams and One Note  – our hybrid learning system.

Students and families can view feedback on the learning and improvement strategies for each assessment item, as well as rubrics (marking criteria).

Academic reports

Academic reports are issued twice a year at the end of each semester and provide progress against the Victorian Curriculum. These reports are available to view or download on Compass.

These reports include information about each subject; the actual individual student achievement; this achievement in relation to the standard of achievement expected of the year level cohort; and information about the student’s behaviour and effort in class.

Learning Behaviour Reports

Our Learning Behaviour Reports use a Grade Point Average (GPA) reporting mechanism where students’ levels of effort and application to their studies are measured, irrespective of their level of academic ability.

Teachers complete two cycles for each student each semester, approximately six weeks apart to allow time for reflection and changes to behaviours, where needed.

Learning Behaviour Reports are available on Compass.

Student-parent-teacher conversations

Parent-student-teacher conversations are an opportunity for families to meet and get to know their child’s teachers. They are also a chance to share information about their child’s progress, interests and needs and discuss their child’s learning, as well as an opportunity for teachers to understand more about the child.

We run two parent-student-teachers conversations each year – one in Term 1 and the other in Term 3.

Bookings are made via Compass.

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