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Huaibei No. 1 High School, Anhui Province, China

Northcote High School and Huaibei No. 1 High School established a sister school relationship in 1999. In 2015, we extended our sister school agreement to include the Tianyi High School campus of Huaibei No. 1 High School. Since that time, hundreds of students and teachers have visited China and our school. The relationship supports language studies, international studies and history, as well as cultural awareness.

Huaibei has a population of around 1.2 million people and is located 12 kilometres south of the city, east of Hengshui lake. Coal mining is the main industry. Tourists are rare, so our students have the opportunity to encounter a genuine and unique cultural experience.

In 2010, Clifton Hill Primary School also signed a sister school agreement with Huaibei No. 1 Model Primary School and has joined our students on China tours. Alphington Primary School has also established partnerships in Huaibei.

Our music students have visited Huaibei on several occasions to perform jointly with our sister school. Students also visit Huaibei as part of a two-week, four-city tour of China, usually in September.

Huaibei students spend two weeks in Australia each year around August as part of our international exchange program. During exchanges, students stay with families and develop a rich appreciation of each others’ cultures. Occasionally, teachers visit each school to support language study and discuss pedagogy and educational issues.

To find out more about the school, visit Huaibei No. 1 High School.


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