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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) 1:1 Program

We have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) 1:1 Program where it is compulsory for all students to have a portable digital device (laptop, notebook or tablet) that meets minimum requirements and specifications.

This program provides students with the opportunity to be effective digital learners who will become confident, creative and productive in a digital world. We believe that this access to technology helps engage our students in the learning process in new and creative ways. They become increasing skilled at using technology to access and present information, solve problems and work collaboratively.

Although students may not use their device in every class, it is an essential learning tool and they will need their device every day to access digital textbooks, resources and complete learning activities for all their subjects, both at school and at home.

Students also have access to a number of desktop computers for specific subject areas, including multiple iMac suites for digital design and media subjects.

For information on device requirements, see Booklists and digital devices.

Teams, OneNote and Office 365

Teams and OneNote are a hybrid learning system that allows students to interact with teachers and peers in collaborative digital learning.

We have selected the Office 365 suite of programs as an efficient way to articulate, store and streamline our curriculum and our approach to learning. It is user friendly, transparent and reduces duplication of effort and information.

The Office 365 suite of programs can be used on a digital device or smartphone. Students are provided with login details and download access at the start of Year 7.

Key features and functions of Teams, OneNote and Office 365

*Only student login has access to these features


Class materials* Access resources and lesson materials for each class
Assessment tasks
View assessment task requirements, rubrics and resources
Submit work and tasks* Submit assessment, class and homework tasks
Grades and feedback View grades and feedback from teachers for class work and assessment tasks
e-portfolio* Upload and view work in an e-portfolio
Collaborate and give feedback* Contribute to shared documents; virtual class discussions through blogs; give direct feedback through survey and quiz tools; reflect on assessment
Notifications Reminders, alerts and news about work, events and activities
Information and resources
View information and updates about the Connect Program, groups and clubs, co-curricular activities, student services, course selection, careers and research skills, as well as helpful information about digital devices


Compass is our online administrative portal for families, students and teachers. Students use Compass to access:

  • daily updates to their class and co-curricular timetables
  • excursion and event information
  • school notices and communications
  • email teachers
  • semester reports, NAPLAN reults and Learning Behaviour Reports (GPAs)

For more information on Compass for families, see Communicating with families.

Digital learning support

For Year 7 families, we run an information session to assist with laptop purchase, requirements, set up and managing it at home. In addition, all Year 7 students participate in our ‘Laptop Bootcamp’ early in Term 1 to help them connect to the school network, download and use DET-provided software, login to Compass and print. We also run a DotCom cybersafety workshop in Term 1 and reinforce this with learning activities in the Connect program.

Detailed instructions for setting up and using devices are available for parents and students. We also have dedicated ICT staff who can help students with device technical or connectivity issues.

Digital textbooks and software

Our students purchase and access digital textbooks for some of their subjects to use on their digital devices. For more information, see Booklists and digital devices.

Students are provided with free school-licensed and government-provided software for their device.

Acceptable use

We have an Acceptable Use Agreement that outlines the requirements and expectations for students when using devices and the school network. All students and parents or carers are required to read, understand and sign this agreement at the start of the school year.

If you have questions about our digital learning program, contact Johanna Santarossa on

Office of the eSafety Commissioner

Australian Communications and Media Authority

Digital Device Program 2023

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