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Leadership opportunities

We actively encourage students to communicate ideas and opinions, collaborate and make decisions, and give them the power to influence change.

We believe all our students have leadership potential and encourage them to apply for leadership positions. Selection focuses on how their actions as a leader embody our school values of Achievement, Curiosity, Humanity and Fairness.

We offer a number of diverse and exciting leadership opportunities for students at each year level. These include Year Level Captains and Program CaptainsClass Leaders and Peer Support Leaders.

Our student leaders have the chance to engage with their peers, the school and the broader community through a wide range of events – from the vibrant Rainbow Day and International Women’s Day celebrations to sports, music and drama events. They also represent the school at both internal and external events, including our open day and school tours.

The school relies on their energy, leadership skills and activism to lead campaigns to assist homeless and indigenous communities, to raise awareness of social and environmental issues, and drive the philanthropic projects at each year level.

Leadership conferences and programs

At Northcote High School, students’ voices are respected and actively sought in our decision-making processes.

Our regular Captains’ Conferences are a great opportunity for our student leaders to provide real input into issues affecting them and their peers. This collaboration prepares them for more formal leadership programs, including the Victorian Young Leaders to China, Future Leaders, Youth for Causes, and the School of Student Leadership (Alpine School).

These roles create a positive experience where students can discover their leadership potential in a supportive environment, building confidence and developing their skills. By working alongside peers and staff in a position of responsibility, students are encouraged to co-operate with one another, improve their communication skills, and learn to be an effective and organised leaders.

We also offer our Years 8–12 students the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. The award is a youth development program aimed at empowering young Australians to explore their full potential, regardless of their location or circumstances.

Student leaders in 2024

Year Level Captains for 2024

Year 7 Captains TBC
Year 8 Captains Phillip Evans, Azura Baglioni, Maisie Tennant, Sebastian Jarrin
Year 9 Captains Matilda Casamento, Sonny Little, Keeva Martin, Zachary Vardy
Year 10 Captains Erika Giorgedarkis, Myrina Roussos, Lucinda Corrie, Matilda Ross, Brenna Stojcevski
Year 11 Captains Charlie Mitchell, Jorja Nunn, Elias Zombolas, Madeline Newall
Year 12 School Captains Alex Qu, Thea Niall, Anh Quan Nguyen, Yasmin Elsakawy

Program Captains

Year 8 Sport Captains Elida Rouqueriol, Lukesh Krishnapillai
Year 9 Sport Captains Jemima Hale, Elle Mitchell
Year 10 Sport Captains Eve Walker O’Connor, Jett Lyons
Year 11 Sport Captains Zoe Panagiotopoulos, Lily Sibillin
Year 12 Sport Captains Acacia Schipper, Sophea Xintaropoulos
Performing Arts Captains Amalia Loveday, Hamish Gunthorpe, Lucas Gregory, Sage Ryan, Christopher Dimattina
Diversity and Inclusion Captains Yianna Giorgedakis, Khanh Linh Vuong

International Program Leadership Group

Bijoy Gupta Shovan
Phuong Anh Dao
Lan Chi Nguyen
Huiru Zhang

Student School Council members


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