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Success stories

As a school comunity we celebrate the success of all our graduating students, no matter what they do or where they go. We would like to share with you a representative selection of our students' success stories.



My Hanh Vu

My Hanh Vu achieved an outstanding ATAR of 99.70  and was one of the school duxes in 2010. Also the International Student Captain, she to the University of Melbourne to study a Bachelor of Science, although she also had several offers from international universities to consider!

My Hanh currently tutors NHS students after school.


Sean Gilmartin

Sean completed an outstanding VCE in 2008 with an ENTER score of 99.45.  He was a School Captain in 2008 and went to Melbourne University to study a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering. Sean currently tutors NHS students in Years to 12 in Maths, English and Chemistry. 


John Mitzios

John Mitzios achieved an outstanding ATAR of 99.05 and was one of the school duxes for 2010. He was a University of Melbourne Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholar for two years and currently studies Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne.



Aviva Kidd

Aviva Kidd started at Northcote High School in 2003 and completed her VCE 2008 with excellent results in National Politics (a Premier’s award), Literature, English language, Chinese (second language), Art–History (a University of Melbourne extension subject) and Revolutions History. A published author (Emantiel’s Eye), she took 2009 as a GAP year to refine her Chinese skills in Shanghai before commencing a University of Melbourne Arts Course in 2010. She was school dux for 2008.

Studying at NHS from Year 7 to Year 12 felt like a journey taken with good friends. Sometimes it was easy, sometimes it was hard, but it was never boring, and even now I can't shake off the sense of community I feel every time I come back.

Shelley Burns-Williamson

Shelley Burns-Williamson completed VCE in 2009. She studied International Studies, English, Renaissance History, French, Literature and History of Revolutions. In 2010 Shelley took a GAP year to work in India, teaching English in remote villages in the Himalayas. She also won the inaugural K.S. Inglis Humanities Prize.

I had the best time for six years, made some great friends and learnt so much. Thanks NHS!


Jack Dalton

Jack Dalton came to Northcote High School from Wales Street Primary School in 2004. Jack was elected one of our 80th School Captains in 2009, a position he served with great distinction, leading the student body in a number of team-building initiatives. Completing a very successful VCE, in 2010 he commenced study in a sports -related course at the Australian Catholic University.

I’ve always loved sports, and NHS has been great for me because I’ve been to continue this lifelong passion while learning new things and making new friends.


Phoebe Montague

Phoebe Montague completed her VCE in 1999. A highly talented and creative student, she was a regular debater and performer at school, completing her VCE in 2000. She then completed a Fine Arts degree, ran her own fashion accessories label, and spent time in the design arts in London working with Jean Pierre Braganza and Lara Bohinc. She then went on to a postgraduate degree in journalism at RMIT.


Phoebe has been a guest speaker at numerous events, including L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival and Singapore Fashion Week , a contributor for a range of fashion publications, and was the cover girl for Peppermint Magazine’s 2009 summer edition, the first Australian blogger to make it on the cover of a fashion magazine. Aside from the Lady Melbourne blog and freelance writing, she teaches blogging, social media and journalism at the CAE in Melbourne, and guest lectures at RMIT.


Sophie Freeman

Sophie Freeman came to Northcote High School from Clifton Hill Primary School in 2004. She was elected School Captain in 2009. At VCE level she studied Psychology, English Language, Chemistry, Literature and Italian. In 2010 she commenced studies at RMIT, specialising in International Studies.

In my six years here I have watched Northcote High School growing and changing, reaching new levels of achievement. I hope, in 20 years, when prospective parents look around for their children’s school, my school still stands out ahead of any government or private schools, and is proud of it.